Jacob Crocker of Missouri Earned His Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University

October 17 14:41 2017

St. Louis, MO – Education is an integral part of growing one’s character and contribution to society. Communities are made better by individuals who work at bettering their minds and attaining high levels of discipline. These character traits are achieved by applying oneself to one’s passion. With this in mind, Jacob Crocker has grown his ability to contribute to the community by acquiring a doctorate in chiropractic and graduating from Logan University in Missouri. Using this knowledge and expertise, Jacob Crocker aims to provide better services to patients in need of chiropractic treatment in Missouri. 

Graduating from Logan University has enabled Jacob Crocker to provide specialized services like ART (Active Release Technique) and Thompson Drop Technique among other latest chiropractic treatment options. After his clinical internship at Myrtle Hillard Davis Clinic in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, he worked at the St. Charles Clinic for Logan University. He is committed to providing quality and accessible services to all patients. 

The doctorate acquired from Logan University will enable Crocker to improve services like interpreting X-ray exams, treating back pain prevention, managing chronic pain and depression, and improving spinal health. One can expect a thorough study of the patient’s history and interpretation of the symptoms. The chiropractor will focus on the pain: where it is located, the nature of the pain, any injuries and what exacerbates it. This is followed by a chiropractic exam where the range of motion of the affected part is checked. Also checked are the muscle tone, muscle strength, neurological abilities, blood pressure, respiration, reflexes, and pulse. Depending on the findings, it may be necessary to have a diagnostic study carried out in order to further determine any structural anomaly in the patient.

At the end of the examination, the patient will get an individualized treatment plan which will also stipulate the expected length of the chiropractic care. In case a patient wants the findings from the examination written down for them to take home in order to conduct personal research, Jacob Crocker and his team will provide this information for this purpose.

Apart from receiving a doctorate of chiropractics, Jacob Crocker also has been awarded the certificate of Appreciation and the legacy award from Logan University. With these glowing qualifications and accolades, he is ready to provide the best treatment options for all age demographics.

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