UK-Based Company Mobilizes to Help Locals Get Rid of Asbestos

October 11 12:19 2017

Derbyshire, UK – Asbestos is something that all homeowners have concerns about but not everyone knows what it is. Asbestos is a group of minerals that occur naturally as durable, fine fibres and are resistant to many chemicals, heat, and fire. The minerals are odourless and tasteless, so for people to find its presence they look for physical proof. While the properties of these minerals seem like they’d be beneficial, asbestos has been linked to many health issues. If someone finds asbestos in their home, they’ll want to have it removed immediately. For residents in Nottingham and Leicester, Crystal Environmental Services is proving itself as the most professional, reliable, and safe source to remove asbestos from homes and businesses.

While not all of the minerals of asbestos are dangerous, the ones that are can cause serious respiratory problems. Asbestos isn’t considered dangerous until it releases fibres or dust into the air that can be inhaled and ingested. It is most hazardous when it takes the form of friable. The health issues people can experience varies greatly from Asbestosis, which is a chronic but non-cancerous disease that aggravates the lung tissue, to lung cancer, which is the cause of many asbestos-related deaths. The most severe form of cancer someone can get from asbestos is mesothelioma, which is a cancer that occurs in the membrane lining various organs such as the abdomen, lungs, chest, and on rare occasions, the heart. The dangers of handling or removing asbestos are why it is essential for home and business owners to avoid removing asbestos on their own.

Crystal Environmental Services is a company that provides asbestos removal in Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby. They claim to have an extensive background in removing asbestos from all kinds of buildings from businesses to schools to domestic properties. Their services have been reported to be discreet, safe, and professional. Their reputation is supported by their performance and a safety record that remains unblemished. They promise to raise the bar when it comes to asbestos removal procedures. For more information about their Nottingham location, interested parties can visit

Asbestos can be a serious problem for people, and it’s often to be found in older homes and properties. The dangers of handling this construction material is why it’s important to contact experts when dealing with its removal. For those looking for asbestos removal in Leicester, Nottingham, and Derby, Crystal Environmental Services is worth looking into for safe, professional, and reliable services.

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