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August 04 20:10 2017

West Lake Village, CA – August 04, 2017 – Born in 1975, Clay Alexander received a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) in Lighting Design for the Performing Arts in 1999 from California Institute of the Arts. In 1999 at the age of 23, he started his first company Radiance Lightworks which specialized in lighting design for various trade shows, live events and theme attractions. Clients include 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios and Mattel. In 2005 Alexander went on to create his second company Journée Lighting which made the world’s first LED track light named “The Lotus.” In 2015 Alexander sold Journée to EcoSense Lighting.

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With big plans to revolutionize the drinkware and dishware industry, the inventor, Alexander, formed Ember Technologies in 2010. Alexander plans to launch an entirely new category of consumer electronics and turn Ember into the next big household brand.  To solve the problem, he started strapping batteries and circuitry to the bottom of household dishes. “It worked,” Alexander says. “I’d get to the very last bite of salmon, cut it, and steam would come out.”

That concept became the driving force behind Ember, the company Alexander officially launched in 2012 to make heat-controlling dishware. But Alexander’s ambitions go beyond simply keeping your food and drink warm; this is an internet-of-things play, where his “smart” dishes collect all kinds of data on you.

Ember Technologies, the company that exists to make the simple act of eating and drinking more gratifying through temperature control, announces $8.5 million of funding in 2016. Its flagship product, available in select Starbucks stores, online at www.Starbucks.com/shop and at www.EmberTech.com, is the only temperature adjustable mug that keeps coffee or tea at a consistent temperature. Ember’s patented temperature-control technology combines a phase change cooling system with an active heating system, creating the world’s most precise temperature controlled mug. Rather than pouring too-hot-to-drink coffee into a paper cup or travel mug, then impatiently waiting until the temperature falls to a comfortable drinking level (and soon thereafter, to an unpleasant lukewarm), Ember will rapidly cool your hot coffee or tea down to a chosen temperature and will hold it at that exact temperature for hours on end. So, check out the Ember coffee mug and have a cup with Clay.

Source: Daniel Gober

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